Daniel Falk - Creative Professional, Musician, and Composer

    I am an artist, a designer, a developer, a composer, a musician, a writer, a thinker, and above all, I'm just myself. I choose not to live my life by stigma, and I refuse to let myself be put into any box. What I am is a creator, and what I do is just that: Create.

    I compose soundtracks for visually inspiring, creative projects that I believe in, including games, film, and many other audio/ visual mediums. I also compose pieces from the soul, because I feel that imagination is boundless. Through my music, I attempt to create worlds that words can't always illustrate; Places that can only be defined through feeling. I want people to be inspired with the melodies that I create - Inspired to chase ambition, and driven to always maintain that passion.

    I am also a programmer, with emphasis on physical analysis and computer vision (and hey, games are fun to work on too). I love working in C/C++ as well as Java, with over a decade's worth of experience developing software. Programming helps me to never stop learning about the world around me. I am always thinking of new and innovative ideas, so that someday I can potentially benefit all of the amazing people that have helped me out along my way. I'm sure I have a long way to go, but anything can happen, right?